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Cute Dog

The Dawg House Kennels & Suites LLC Welcomes You

Here for Your Furry Family

About The Dawg House Kennels & Suites LLC

The Dawg House Kennels & Suites LLC was set in 2016 to provide an incredible experience for animals and owners. From small beginnings, we’ve added a whole range of services, making us a premier dog boarding facility in Marion, IN. We strive to bring a clean home-like environment at the Dawg House. While we’re proud of our fun and easygoing attitude, our commitment to the happiness, safety, and security of your pet guides everything we do.

About The Owners

Erik & Carrie Stecher are the owners of The Dawg House. Their love of dogs and people make them the perfect people to run a great place like this. 

They have spent over 25 years raising, caring for, and training their family dogs. The Stecher's want to provide the best possible care for your fur baby while giving you the peace of mind that they are in good hands. 

Erik is a certified dog trainer and has a great understanding of how dogs are "wired" and what "makes them tick". He understands mannerisms, behaviors, and knows how to deal positively with several different breeds.

Carrie is a dog lover. She knows the best toys, the perfect spot for a good scratch, and when a pup just needs a little extra TLC. She brings a whole lot of heart to the House. 

Cute Pug
Dalmatian Dog
Two puppies sleeping
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Siberian Husky
Toy Poodle
Hungry Dog
Playful Corgi
Cocker Spaniel
Border Collie

Book an Appointment

Please be sure to fill out our Terms of Service as we require this to be able to  board at The Dawg House
(If you have already done this at our kennel you DO NOT need to fill it out here)

Contact Us


1240 N 300 W 

Marion IN




Open Hours
Come and Play!

Mon - Fri

8am - 10am & 4pm - 6pm

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Instagram


   8am - 10am


2pm - 4pm

*4-6pm Pick-Up is only available Monday - Friday

*If 4-6pm Pick-Up is needed/desired, this will result in a $20 Daycare fee


We have plenty to choose from! Call, text, email, or book your stay, today!


Master En Suite

Our Master En Suites are a 7ft x 6ft room with a private doggy door to an outside play area.



Our Suites are 6ft x 6ft individually themed rooms with a private play area.



Our Kennels are a 4ft x 6ft room with a drop-down cot and a private play area.

**We are a pre-pay facility. Full payment is due at the time of drop-off.

Boarding Prices

Master En Suite 4' X 7'~~~~$45 a night

-Each additional dog is $35 a night

Themed Suite 6' X 6'~~~~$40 a night

-Each additional dog is $30 a night

Kennel 4' X 6'~~~~$35 a night

-Each additional dog is $25 a night


Board & Train

-2 weeks $1500

-1 week $750

Commands Taught:

sit, stay, lay down, leave it, heel, out/drop it, come/recall, waiting at thresholds (doors,cars,stairs,etc.)


Dawgy Day Care

(Available M-F between 8am-6pm)

1 Dawg - $20

2 Dawgs - $35

3 Dawgs - $50

4 Dawgs - $65


Day Training

-Daycare + Training $65

We will work on one command while your dawg is here for daycare hours

Image by Andrea Donato


-Baths starting at $30

-Coat Trim starting at $35

-Nail trims starting at $12 

-Ear Cleaning/Plucking starting at $10

-Anal Glands starting at $10

-Daily Brush starting at $5

(Final price depends on coat and temperament of dog)



-Peanut Butter Kongs $2 a day

-Bacon Bubbles $5 a day

-K9 IQ Puzzle $5 a day

-Snuffle Mat $5 a day

Report Card $4 a day

-15min Walk $9 a day

(these prices are per dawg)

Vital Informaion


We require all boarders to have the following vaccinations: 

-DHLPP (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus)

Bordetella/Kennel Cough


* If vaccs were expired-we will not board until  2wks after being administered.

*Owners, you must submit a hard copy of vaccinations records from your vet, at least 1 WEEK PRIOR TO BOARDING, or a copy can be emailed to

No Vaccs?-No Vacay 


The Dawg House


To be sure your pet is as comfortable as possible,
we encourage you to bring:

 -favorite toys (max of 2), blankets (1 per dog), treats, etc. 

- dog food, bagged per meal for the duration of the stay at The Dawg House. 

*We have dog food on site, but please keep in mind that a sudden change in your pet's diet may result in digestive issues.



-Thanksgiving Day & the following Friday

- Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

*We will be open on these days for guests who are already booked, but drop-offs and pick-ups will not be available.



Cancelations done with less than a 48-hour notice of the beginning of the stay will be sent a payment link for 50% of the stay.

Adjustments to pick-up/drop-off dates with less than a 48-hour notice of the beginning of the appointment will be charged for the original stay. 

This will need to be paid before being able to book with us again.  

This 48-hour notice is void during holidays/breaks in which you will be charge for the original stay.



You will be billed for the entire scheduled reservation during these holidays/breaks as it keeps others from booking:


Spring Break

Memorial Day

4th of July

Labor Day

Fall Break

Thanksgiving Break

Christmas/New Years Break

Once your appointment is submitted you agree to these terms.


No-Call / No-Show:

If you are a no-call/no-show, you will be sent a payment link for the price of the entire stay. This must be paid before being able to book with us again.

Cali DeWitt

The Dawg House makes us feel at ease whenever we have to leave our pup. We know he is safe, cared for, loved, and we are given daily photos and updates. The owners are incredibly kind and genuine and we wouldn't want to go anywhere else. 

Tami Holz

"Having a dog that can be iffy around new people, especially men, made me worry when it came time to board my dogs. The Dawg House took him in and went slow with him. Now I don't worry when i leave him there. They have taken great care of my Maverick and Poppy every time! I am grateful they are willing to work and have patience with my "difficult" dog.

Andi Pullum

"When we first moved to the area I was very concerned on where I was going to board our dog after boarding at the same place for many years. I found the Dawg House and decided to book due to convenience of location. I have been absolutely amazed by the wonderful staff and the care they provide. I love receiving updates of our boy while we are away as well! I truly LOVE this place and recommend them to everyone I know or meet!

Rhonda Gipson Garrett

I have been bringing my sweet girl there since it first opened. I can't say enough good about it or about the special owners. The first thing you notice when you walk in is how good it smells...that's continuous hard work. My Ella loves her care givers there. I'm introducing a new pup to The Dawg House this week; I know Ella and Monet will be loved thoroughly during their stay. If you are looking for all your pets needs to be met, plus extra care, The dawg House is the place you want to utilize.

Autumn Howell

We have boarded our dog with The Dawg House multiple times now, and they truly treat her like she's family! We love that they update us with photos on social media; even though we know they do amazing with her, it's still so special to be able to see her while we are away.
We used them for a couple trips we have taken, and when I had our baby. They were so flexible and understanding that labor could happen any time, and they were willing to come up with a plan for us to be able to board her quickly if needed. Our hospital stay was extended after birth, and in the flurry of our child's needs, post birth, they continued to care for our dog while we were handling things with the baby. It was such a relief to know she was in great hands, and they truly went above and beyond during that time to care for our dog but also for us as her owners. 
We can't recommend The Dawg House enough, and we are so grateful they are part of our community!

Dawn Weaver Hansbarger

I sing the praises of The Dawg House to everyone I know who has a furry family member. I started out putting our rescue dog, Harley, in Dawgy daycare to socialize him in a safe environment and it was immediately clear how much he loved being there and how comfortable I was leaving him there. The love, care, affection and genuine concern the "Hoomans" at The Dawg House shower on the dogs is next level! They are truly the nicest and most amazing people I have ever met, and I trust them 150%! Harley and I love, love, love The Dawg House!
Border Collie

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Only the Best

SECURITY: You shouldn't have to worry when leaving your loved one behind. The Dawg House has taken extra precautions just for your climber, jumper, digger, and escape artist. So, relax - they are safe with us!

CLEANLINESS: Our facility boasts a cleaning regimen like no other. It is definitely the best smelling and cleanest doghouse you ever have encountered. Come and take a sniff!

CUSTOMER SERVICE: When it comes to service, you will be very pleased with how you are treated like family -both you and your fur baby!

FUN: Yes, fun! Regardless of whether your fur baby is with us for one day or one month, they will surely enjoy themselves at our facility - which is specially designed for breeds of all kinds! 

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